Mortara surprised by ‘ease’ of building lead at Seoul E-Prix


Mortara put an ambitious pass on the poleman Antonio Felix da Costa on the second lap of the race, finding just enough space to dive on the inside at Turn 22 to take the lead.

by Andretti Jacques Denis followed the Swiss rider, but was unable to remount Mortara as the new leader was able to free himself in the open air.

Noting that he was able to manage his battery temperature, energy levels and tires quite deftly in the lead, Mortara was able to widen the gap to Dennis by over two seconds after lap 10, extending that advantage to nearly three seconds before the safety car. appeared halfway through the race.

While the race was ‘squarer’ at the end, the riders around him had enough energy, Mortara said life got harder, especially after he bent his left front wheel in an encounter. with the wall.

“It was a positive day, we know when we start in the lead and I can manage to take the lead, we are very good at managing the pace and we are good at managing pretty much all the many parameters like the temperature of the battery, battery power, tires and I was able to build a gap,” he said.

“I was actually quite surprised how easy it was for me at the start of the race to go a lot faster than the others.

“It got a lot harder at the end of the race when we had to do less management and it was pretty much a flat race.

“I also managed to make my life much more difficult when I hit the wall on Turn 7 on the inside and bent the front left – I was actually very lucky to escape some great damage.”

Stoffel Vandoorne, Mercedes-Benz EQ, 2nd place, Edoardo Mortara, Venturi Racing, 1st place, Jake Dennis, Andretti Motorsport, 3rd place, on the podium

Photo by: Andrew Ferraro/ Motorsport pictures

Reflecting on his year, Mortara explained that there were far “too many ups and downs” to remain a consistent force in the championship at the end.

The Venturi driver had factored in championship contention in the first two-thirds of the year – even leading the championship heading to New York – before a tough round in London knocked him out of title contention.

“[It was positive] but with too many ups and downs. We knew this year if you wanted to be champion you had to be more consistent.

“That’s what Stoffel did and he was extremely, extremely competitive and extremely good at it. He might have won fewer races, but in the end he was more consistent.

“That’s what I’ll try to do in the next few years – I need to have better ‘bad’ race weekends.”

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