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Dry shampoo is often considered a summer staple, but it’s actually a year-round essential. Everything from styling products (like our favorite heat protectant sprays) to environmental pollution to natural oils that build up on your scalp can lead to buildup and residue, which has the not so great for weighing down your hair and leaving it jaded. To the rescue: dry shampoo. The oil-absorbing formula isn’t a substitute for washing your hair, but the best dry shampoos can freshen things up instantly without messing up your hairstyle or creating the annoying need to soap up more frequently (a move to avoid according to hairstylists who will be adamant you). say not to wash your hair too often). If you’re looking for our top overall pick, Philip B Amber Imperial Dry Shampoo is unmatched for its luxurious scent.

Applying this refreshing hair product is simple (just spray on and go), but you might not know how to choose the right one from all the available options. Ahead, find the 13 best dry shampoos to add to your rotation, from drugstore classics to volumizing standouts.

Best dry shampoo overall

A top choice with a luxurious fragrance

This dry shampoo from Philip B is one of the most luxurious options for refreshing strands. The formula is infused with the scent of Russian amber that lingers in your hair all day. Besides the sophisticated scent, the product absorbs excess oil from the scalp and leaves hair looking fresh, lush and volumized without leaving any residue.

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Best dry shampoo for fine hair

A Volumizing Dry Shampoo With Botanical Ingredients

Not only is this herbal dry shampoo a godsend for refreshing dirty hair, it’s also one of the best products for strengthening fine or flat hair. It makes your hair look fuller by removing oils that weigh down your strands.

Best dry shampoo for dark hair

A great option that won’t leave residue

The super fine rice starches in this pick are tinted, so they blend seamlessly into dark hair without leaving the dreaded white residue. Spray it on then massage it in to help absorb oil and product buildup.

Best natural dry shampoo

A formula with clean ingredients

Act + Acre’s ultra-popular plant-based dry shampoo has a loyal following among clean beauty fans who give it five stars for being lightweight, unscented, and soothing to the scalp. It’s made with fulvic acid, a healing nutrient extracted from organic plant matter that restores your scalp’s microbiome to prevent irritation.

Best dry shampoo for oily hair

A scalp conditioner that instantly removes excess oil


The Binchotan charcoal in this dry shampoo from Briogeo detoxifies and removes impurities from the scalp and hair, while botanicals help normalize sebum production and nourish the hair follicle. This not only removes oil and grease, but actually prevents an oily scalp from occurring in the first place, making this dry shampoo more than just a temporary fix.

Best Colorless Dry Shampoo

An invisible formula with visible results

This silicone-free dry shampoo leaves no visible residue, just a sweet, fruity scent. It gets high marks from obsessed reviewers who love that it doesn’t leave hair “stiff or chalky while taking care of the oil.”

Best dry shampoo for dull hair

A best-selling dry shampoo to rejuvenate dull hair

Living Proof’s new version of its popular dry shampoo does more than make your hair look clean, it actually cleans. Powders in the updated formula absorb oil, dirt and sweat from the scalp and strands, which are then easily removed with a quick brush, shake or blow dry. And a touch of lightweight conditioner boosts your shine to mimic the effects of freshly washed hair.

Best Texturizing Dry Shampoo

A silicone-free option that hydrates hair

It’s not what’s on the outside that matters (although the sleek packaging will draw you in), it’s what’s on the inside that matters. This dry shampoo is silicone-free, which means it won’t dry out your hair, and it’s formulated with rice starch to give hair clinginess and a manageable texture.

Best scented dry shampoo

Fragrant scents that linger in the strands

If fragrance is the deciding factor, then this is the dry shampoo for you. It offers everything you expect from a hard working product and a bit more. Decadent top-to-bottom notes create a rich, rosy scent, while volcanic minerals detoxify the scalp and add body to hair.

Best value for money dry shampoo

A dry shampoo for all hair types and all budgets

Between professional blowouts and serums that keep them smooth and smooth, hair care can get expensive. Luckily, the Sephora collection has a range of affordable products that will help you maintain your favorite hairstyles without breaking the bank. The newest addition to the budget range is this vegan dry shampoo that makes oily hair look and feel fresh. Shake and spray the product on the lifeless parts of your hair for instant renewal.

Best talc-free dry shampoo

A unique formula that enhances the hair

Most dry shampoos contain aluminum starch and talc to aid in oil absorption. This formula is one of the few sprays made without these ingredients and it’s just as effective at removing oil from your hair. If you’re on the natural beauty wave, this dry shampoo will be your go-to.

Best Gentle Formula Dry Shampoo

Soothing oat milk that cleanses

Klorane’s dry shampoo is designed for all hair types, but its soothing formula infused with oat milk is especially ideal for sensitive scalps. Another plus is its fine powders that aren’t heavy in your hair but still do a great job of absorbing oil. It can also be purchased in a non-aerosol bottle.

Best Drugstore Dry Shampoo

A reliable classic choice

Bastide’s cult dry shampoo formulas garner thousands and thousands of five-star reviews. Fans give it rave reviews and praise for its fresh scent, reliable oil absorption, and volumizing power.

How We Choose The Best Dry Shampoos

To find the best dry shampoos, we tested several ourselves on different hair types, researched each formula, interviewed professionals, and considered consumer reviews. We also consider every hair type and hold every option throughout the day and during activities like our favorite workouts.

This story is regularly updated to ensure that all product pricing, availability and top releases are up to date. It was last updated in August 2022.

What to consider when buying a dry shampoo

Before you jump into selecting the best dry shampoo for you, keep your hair type in mind. Most versions are formulated to meet specific needs like adding volume or texture, so it’s essential to make sure yours suits your needs and preferences, like whether it’s scented or not. Here’s a more in-depth look at what to consider in a dry shampoo.

hair type

Your hair type will determine the best option for your hair. If you have fine hair, choose one that adds volume and will absorb excess oil. If you have thicker hair, go for one that leaves no white residue.


What goes into the formula should be a deciding factor when buying a dry shampoo to add to your routine. Look for ones that contain oil-absorbing ingredients like charcoal, clay, or rice starch. These ingredients help absorb any excess oils in the scalp without causing general irritation.


As in regular shampoos, another characteristic to take into account is the fragrance. If you want a scent that lasts all day, try Ouai Super Dry Shampoo. If you prefer a fragrance-free dry shampoo, try Authentic Beauty Concept’s dry shampoo.

How do dry shampoos work?

Like traditional versions, “dry shampoos provide oil reduction in the hair using starch and alcohol-based ingredients to minimize sweat and buildup in the hair,” says Nick Stenson, director Matrix artistry. They make a handy substitute for jumping in the shower when you’re in a hurry.

Is it better to wash your hair or use a dry shampoo?

According to experts, a dry shampoo should not replace regular hair washing; rather think of it as a temporary refresher. “When choosing to use a dry shampoo or traditional cleanser, consider what you need from your hair that day and how it tends to react when freshly washed,” says Stenson. . “If you’re short on time and just need a tousled look or style up, go for a dry shampoo. If you have the extra time and want a high shine style that feels super touchable, go for a traditional shampoo routine.

When to use a dry shampoo?

Stenson recommends using one whenever you need a quick refresh on your locks. It can deliver a revived look in minutes after something like a workout, or immediate volume in your hair as needed for the day.

How often can you use dry shampoo?

Stenson says dry shampoos can be used anytime you need to remove oil or sweat from the scalp area. But after a few days, a good cleaning is usually in order. “I recommend a traditional shampoo when you start to see a buildup of powder residue that can’t be brushed off or removed with a light blast from your hair dryer,” he says.


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