40 gifts for coffee lovers

  1. Peak coffee capsule holder

Coffee capsules have become a staple in most homes because they offer people the ability to enjoy cafe-style coffee or espresso at a fraction of the price and without the hassle of going to a cafe. This freebie lets you store coffee capsules in one place, so your pantry or drawer is free from the clutter of coffee capsule boxes. The chrome frame is durable and lends a minimalist yet expensive feel to your kitchen countertop aesthetic. Plus, it doesn’t take up much space and the base can swivel for easier access to the coffee selection you want for the day.

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2. Tasting Diary of a Coffee Enthusiast

Whether they’re new to the world of coffee tasting or a coffee connoisseur who likes to track and review their favorite coffee, this coffee journal is the ultimate gift to accompany them throughout their journey. caffeinated journey. The logbook includes interactive infographics on flavor and aroma references, grain origin, tasting tips, and summaries of different brewing methods. They can also find their preference with the guided entry page, so they can brew their own or order a higher quality coffee based on their ratings. This gift will not only help them enjoy a sip of their ideal coffee, but at the same time expand their knowledge.

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3. Teaspoon and Bag Clip

A teaspoon can be a valuable and practical gift for a coffee lover. If they’re like most coffee drinkers, they use a spoon to measure their coffee beans or ground coffee without the need for a scale every morning. This 2-in-1 coffee scoop is equivalent to one tablespoon or 15ml and doubles as an alligator clip that securely seals the coffee bag, keeping ground coffee or beans fresh longer. Plus, its striking gold metal color is classy and elegant and makes the shovel easier to spot among other measuring tools.

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4. Instant milk frother

If they already have the coffee machine and the coffee capsules or ground coffee, giving them a milk frother completes the package to create a creamy, frothy cafe-quality drink at home. This countertop milk frother includes four programs for making hot or cold froth: cold froth, light hot froth, thick hot froth, and non-foam warming for hot chocolate or teas. The handle is long enough to allow for a comfortable grip, while the spout is designed for easy, controlled pouring when they want to create impressive latte art.

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  1. Chemex Cream and Sugar Set

A minimalist cream and sugar container can be the perfect gift to spruce up their counter or cafe. This mouth-blown glass has an elegant feel and an iconic hourglass shape that stacks perfectly, so it’s easy to store away after use. Store the cream or milk at the bottom and the sugar on top, then close it with a wooden lid to protect it from contamination.

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  1. Sorrento 9-Piece Double Wall Coffee and Latte Set

Nothing is more frustrating than your coffee losing its temperature, hot coffee getting cold and cold coffee dropping to room temperature. Offering this modern set of double-walled mugs and glasses can help them solve this situation. The double-walled design creates a “vacuum” that prevents air or heat from escaping and entering, thus maintaining the coffee at the desired temperature. Even though it has an extra glass wall, it is lightweight yet sturdy for everyday use or special occasions. The set also includes four spoon straws for stirring and a cleaning brush.

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  1. Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso Machine

This Nanopresso is the ultimate gift for anyone who wants to brew and enjoy high quality espresso on the go. A unique innovation in the form of a portable and lightweight espresso machine with many features, including a portafilter, teaspoon, brush, removable cup, removable coffee filter basket and coffee reservoir. water. Simply pour the ground coffee into the coffee filter basket, tamp it with the bottom of the spoon, put it back in the filter holder, pour boiling water into the water tank, flip, then constantly pump the plunger to extract a shot of Espresso.

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  1. Seasonal Simple Syrup Set

Want to have a pumpkin spice latte or candy cane cold brew all year round without standing in line at the cafe? Then this simple syrup set is just the sweet addition they need for their coffee concoction. Choose from four collections to indulge in the essence of the seasons: a spicy autumn, winter holiday flavors, a floral and fruity spring and a refreshing summer blend. Ditch the regular sugar and opt for this assorted seasonal sweetener instead.

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